Join bespoken and the International Contemporary Ensemble for a free, four-part online series focusing on the intersection of technology and art. Each session will have different speakers discussing their artistry and practice across four disciplines – moving image, audio engineering, live-sound, and video – and how their work intersects within each area. How does technology and art come together in performance? How do we begin to work across disciplines? The series is not only educational but also a platform for empowerment, breaking down the barriers to using technology in an artist’s practice, & specifically for women & gender non-conforming artists.


After hearing from each artist about their artistic journey, we will go into two topic-specific breakout rooms - sound and video - spaces for more detailed questions related to each area and getting to know each other better. Please feel free to bring questions related to your own work/projects you are working on!

Presented by bespoken and the International Contemporary Ensemble

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