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Who is eligible for this fellowship?

Musicians and/or arts administrators, and ensembles who self-identify as female or non-binary in the classical, contemporary, or jazz industries. Ensemble or band consisting of 2-10 musicians who self-identifies as 50% female or non-binary artist are eligible to apply.​ We do not exclude or discriminate based on citizenship status. 

What does this fellowship offer individual and ensembles who are part of the fellowship?

Guiding individual fellows and ensembles with the skills building tools to develop successful projects, ideas, or career goals through professional workshops and monthly mentoring.

  • Offering support for achieving desired goals, building connections, and identifying possible resources.

  • Providing motivation for fellows to become more active members of the creative community through introductions to an array of projects, organizations, and institutions.

  • Perspective and advice.

Who should apply?

bespoken appeals to ambitious women in the classical, contemporary, and jazz industries who are interested in charting their own path and entering or looking to advance their musical career. 

Who is this opportunity meant for?

  • Individuals and ensembles who want to grow their skills, project ideas, and network to reach their full potential and feel confident in any situation. 

  • Individuals and ensembles with a project idea or musical initiative either in the beginning stages or those ready to take their project ideas and goals to the next level.

  • Individuals and ensembles who are interested in being part of a supportive community of colleagues, mentors, and experts in the field.  

  • Individual or ensembles who are able to make a commitment to one mentoring session per month (1 hour each) for the duration of the fellowship.

What is required of me  or my ensemble to participate?

bespoken requires fellows to participate in one mentoring session each month remotely. We also offer three optional group workshops. If selected, there is a 2023-24 program commitment which runs September 2023-May 2024.

Successful past individual and ensemble fellows allotted a minimum of five hours each month to work individually on their projects and short and long term goals during the duration of the program and also felt confident in reaching out to their mentor with questions by phone or email over the course of the month to ask for advice.

Is there a fee to participate?

Yes. $750 for the 2023-24 fellowship round (September 2023- May 2024).


Where are one-on-one sessions held?

Mentoring sessions are held remotely at a mutually agreed upon date and time by the mentor and fellow.

If selected for the program, what will I get out of this experience?

If selected, you and/or your ensemble will receive customized coaching to help you develop your brand, grow your professional network, have access to a dedicated mentor, and be part of a supportive community of peers.

  • Monthly mentoring sessions (remote) to develop your skills, support your artistic visions, and set career goals (one-hour session per month). Note, individuals meet one-on-one each month and ensembles meet as a group.

  • Three group workshops with participating fellows 

  • Website and biography oversight

  • Marketing and branding oversight

  • Creative project development such as releasing an album, starting a concert series, starting a non-profit, or commissioning projectm or ensemble development

  • Opportunity and networking support

  • Remote access to your mentor to ask questions by phone or email

How do I apply? How does the application process work?

Applications are now open through Monday, July 10, 5pm ET. 


The upcoming 2023-24 round runs September 2023-May, 2024. After reviewing written applications, applicants who advance to the next round will be invited to a remote interview in January. After bespoken completes the interview round, final decision notifications will be sent via email to all candidates.

Please contact our team at with any questions about the program or applications.

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