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bespoken's workshops offer skill building, practical tools, and insight into the business side of life of music. The workshops are designed to elevate ideas, tools, and resources to help emerging artist's thrive in an evolving music industry.  

If you would like to bring bespoken to your school, institution, or conference, please contact us.

Note, all sessions can be catered to meet the needs of your constituents




Launching Your Artistic Projects 

How do you define an artistic project? If you could create anything regardless of money or struggle, what would you create? Explore your interests, talents, and skills and how these three areas can be the first steps in realizing your project ideas and bringing them into fruition.


  • Learn practical skills that are essential for a career in music performance, composition, teaching, and/or administration

  • Explore different models of creative projects relevant to where you are in your career

  • Learn how to combat impostor syndrome and what to do when you get stuck

  • Identify resources to help support your vision

  • Develop a plan to best support your artistic vision

  • Prioritize 5 goals to set yourself up for transitioning into the professional industry

with Gina Izzo & Eunbi Kim

Developing Your Voice through Image Branding

What is branding and why does it matter? Visuals are often the first introduction to you as an artist and how people hear your music. Explore the creative process and steps in figuring out your voice through identifying photographers and styles and how this can support what makes you and your art unique.



  • Learn and Identify different types of brand photographers

  • Explore a set of actions you take to cultivate your brand

  • Identify ways in which imagery can help others hear your music before ever listening

  • Receive tips for setting up an effective photo shoot

  • Explore how to find a good photographer, set up a productive photo shoot, get the shots you need, & capture quality photos of YOU

Social Media Strategies

Facebook, Instagram, Facebook.... it's a constant conversation! Social media outlets can be used to heighten others awareness of your music and to help you engage with your following in new ways. This workshop explores which platforms are right for you, how to create a strategy around these individual platforms, and how to use social media to strengthen your brand and artistic vision.


  • Learn and identify which social platforms are best for your artistic priorities and why

  • Gain tips and ideas for curating your content

  • Learn how to engage with your following in fun ways

  • Heighten your audiences awareness of your concerts, music, and endeavors 

  • Develop a time management strategy for using social media platforms

  • Explore the benefits of live streaming

Funding Your Artistic Projects

Ever have a project that you are excited to do but not know how to get it started? This session will explore the benefits and tools of crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter, GoFund Me, and Pledge Music, among others, to help fund your activities, projects, and recordings. Find out how to make crowdfunding an effective tool for launching your projects and how to turn your backers into long-term supporters.


  • Learn the most useful platforms for the projects that you want to create

  • Gain strategies for promoting your project and asking for support

  • Receive tips for project designs, titles, descriptions, rewards, and content

  • Create a timeline and set yourself up for success

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